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Create Gmail Account at - Login

Posted by gmail LoginGmail is one of the famous and most demanded mailing service in the world. There are millions of users who are actively using this service and there may who want to use it. But due to little complexity they cannot manage to understand the login and Sign up method of Gmail. So I am writing this for you which will help you to Sign up and login Gmail account. It might seem little easy to many of you out there., but there are users who are completely newbie to internet so for this guide would help them to know about complete sign up and login process of Gmail.

Create Gmail Account at - Login

Features of Gmail.Com Login

Lets talk about the features of Gmail first before moving towards the guide;
  • It let you send mails to your loved ones and officials without much efforts.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • Allows you to attach files and photos in your mail.
  • Let you send one mail to multiple recipient.
  • Preview your mail before sending them to receiver.
  • Mails are sorted and organized.
  • Personalized inbox.
  • It let you undo the sent mail.
  • You can send same reply to many of the receivers.
  • Specialized search bar which let you search your inbox.
  • Keyboards shortcuts which let you handle your inbox easily.
  • It allows you to voice and video chat with your officials or relatives.
  • Most important, it is completely secure and protected mailing service in the world.
These are few features of Gmail which you are going to get after getting signed up with them. So don't wait head towards the mail tutorial.

How to Sign Up for Gmail Account - Gmail Sign Up

So here let's talk about the sign up process for Gmail account. It will teach you that how to create gmail account for free. So head towards the steps;
  • First of all, go to and Click on Create Gmail Account.
  • Now you will have a form to fill. In first two column write your first and last name.
  • After that, choose a username for your Gmail account; the username will be displayed as your mail id eg; So choose sensible and professional username.
  • Then add your password and enter it account in next box to confirm it.
  • After that, select your Birth date; by click on Month and then add day and year.
  • Now select the Gender by clicking on I am...
  • Afterwards, enter your phone number.
  • Then enter your existing mail id; if you and if you don't have any existing mail id then leave it blank.
  • Now type the Verification code displayed in the picture. Or else check mark Skip this verification and you will receive a code on your phone enter that code to proceed.
  • After that select your Location where you reside.
  • In last, check mark the option; I agree to Google Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.
  • Now click on Next Step. Then you will be welcome with Welcome message click on Continue to Google.

  • Finally, it will take you to your Inbox.

How to Login Gmail Account

After sign up now lets talk about that how you can login to your Gmail account whenever you want to.
  • First of all, go to and click on Sign in
  • Now it will ask you to enter your mail ID which you have created in above step (hint: the username which you chose along extension, eg;

  • Then click on Next and it will ask you to enter your password.
  • After entering your Password, Click on Sign In.
  • Now you will be signed in to your account.
  • This was it!


This was our tutorial to Gmail Sign up and login. I am sure it would have helped you a lot. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend it in comment box. I shall get back to you as soon as possible. Was it interesting? If it was then don't forget to share this article with others too. You may never know that your share may be proven helpful for many of the users out there. So keep sharing and liking our content over social media.

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How to Create a New Gmail Account for Free at - Step By Step Guide

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Create Gmail Account: Gmail is a web-based email account where all the emails are stored and saved in the Gmail account rather than your computer device. You can access to your email from any device which is having internet connection through out the world. Gmail has become compulsory for the students as well as for faculty where the faculty sends the study materials to the students and the student will download those files from the email and they will read.

How to Create a New Gmail Account for Free at - Step By Step Guide


Mostly people ask your email id rather than your mobile number, Facebook id.Facebook is the only account where you can save your messages and files safely because Gmail needs username and password which you can only remember because its your Gmail account .there are so many web based mail accounts exist like yahoo, hot mail etc but Gmail provides a lot of space to store the data .gmail is one of the best mail accounts, mostly all are using Gmail as their primary email account because of its amazing features

Features of GMail Account:

  • You can send messages, photos ,files, video clips to your friends
  • You no need to delete your previous messages to make room for new messages
  • Gmail gives 2 gigs of storage space, no other web based email services provide this much place for storage
  • You can save your documents safely
  • Even you can check your email on your smart devices like iPhone/iPad, tab

Follow the steps to Create Gmail Account:

Step1: Go to internet browser and type

Step2: It will show the following page if you are already having account sign in. Otherwise click on create an Gmail account

Step3: If you click on create an account you will get this page .in this page you will be asked to fill the details of you like your name, and your username if the username is existing it will suggest you to choose an alternative username and enter the password and remember the password as it is very important to log in and you need to re-enter the password to confirm it, fill your date of birth and ,it will ask you to write the two random words or letters this is called CAPTCHA code you can skip this but it will ask you to verify via a phone it will ask for your locality choose your locality after filling  
all the details in this page click on next page

Step4: After entering your details click on I agree to the terms of services and privacy policy go to

Step5: As soon as you click on next step you will enter into another page where you will be asked to provide your photo to the google account .you can update your photo anytime.

Step 6: After providing your photo click on Next step. Finally your Gmail account will be created and the page will be displayed like this

Now you can send messages, photos, files, videos to your friends .to send the messages first you need to know your friends email id, if you know you can send the emails .you can also create group emails where many people can log in and check emails group emails all members should enter the same username and password to log in.

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How to Delete your Google Gmail Account Permanently at

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Delete your Gmail Account:How to Delete Gmail If you dont like your username of your existing gmail account , want to create an new account, or for any reason you want to delete your gmail account then follow this article Most of the people might have created the gmail account for their use,it is useful mostly for sending messages ,files ,video clips ,images etc where ever you go people will be asking your email address rather than your mobile number. Gmail account has many features in the gmail account itself you have google maps,news,google play etc. Some of the people feel difficulty to maintain their gmail account because you need to remember the username and password of your account even if we remember username you may not remember the password for that we can select forgot password we will verification code we will enter .

How to Delete your Google Gmail Account Permanently at

But all this process will irritates you a lot and their is an alternative to this is existence of social media like whats app ,the features which are present in the gmail like sending images ,videos,messages are also present in the whats app so you will think to deactivate or delete your account because of the intruders who might harm your account by sending mails to others or they can take the data .For these reasons  people delete their account ,so don't worry i am here to guide you how to delete your account permanently so please follow the steps

How to Delete your Google Account Permanently at

Step1:login to your account which you are using now
Step2:Click on your email address which is present in the right most corner of the existing page you will get some popup .Press on account 

Step3:After clicking on to account u will be displayed account page where all the information will be displayed go to the delete your account or servicesand click on that. 

Step4:After clicking on delete on your account or services u will be asked to signin again 

Step5:If you sign up with u r account u will be displayed another page 
Step6: In this current page u will be asked again whether you want to delete account or not ,if you really want to delete the account u can click on to the delete account

Step7:Finally your account will be deleted 
Step8: If you are not interested to delete the account click on to" cancel" button If you decide not to use gmail you can delete account by following steps which are shown previously if you delete your account your information which is present in the account like contacts,emails, photos will be deleted but your google account wont be deleted After deleting the account also you can activate your account with in a small amount of time To recover your account : Enter into login page Click on i'm having other problems signing in The next page displays some information to verify your identity and follow some steps to resolve your account You can even delete your gmail account in the smartphones if u don't want gmail app in your mobiles you need to reset your phone to factory setting so u can delete your gmail account.

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Gmail Sign in | Gmail Sign up Problems at - Check

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Gmail Sign in: Gmail Sign up Problems at Gmail.comGmail is most important these days. Some of us completely depend on gmail for communicating with others either personally or professionally. For both the things loosing your account has been a big problem to solve. Hence here we have provided some small information regarding this recovery. However there google help center for everything. 

Gmail Sign in | Gmail Sign up Problems at - Check

create gmail account
You can even find solution by contacting the help center and following the steps given by them. Google Help Center is a place where you can get solution for any login issues starting from Forgot password to network connection difficulties. Every problem that occurs more or less is included in this list of sign in problems. But before that you need be clear with some things. Let us see what are those things you need to see first and confirm that you are having a problems to login.

Things to check for Sign in Problems:

Firstly check whether you have "Caps Lock" on or off. In gmail if Capslock is on you cannot login your account. Second thing you need to check is whether you have entered your gmail address properly or not. That means check your "username". Check if someone else is using your id and have changes your password. If any of the above problems are noticed click on the link below login box "Can`t access your account?" When you click the link you will be taken to another page where you will find multiple options to back you to work on gmail.

Gmail Sign in Problems:

Here when you open the link you will find I forgot my password, i think someone else is using my account, I forgot my username, i know my username and password but i can`t sign in, i can`t reser my password via SMS, i use a google Apps account, I`m having trouble with 2-step verification, Gmail is slow unresponsive and not loading, Another error or problem When you click on the option that which your facing problem with gmail login you will be redirected to a page. 
  • Here you will be given some questions just you need to answer "Yes or No". 
  • So that Google Help Center will provide you some simple steps. 
  • Follow those steps and Finally you can Get back to your Gmail Account. 
  • I Forgot my Password: Here you will be directed to Password Assistance Page where you need to enter your Gmail id and other required details. 

  • Then write the words in the picture shown there to prove you are not a Robot.
  • I Forgot my Username: Even if you forget Gmail account username there is an option for you to reset the username. 
  • You can reset your account by giving a recovery email address and recovery phone number. Then enter words in picture and submit.
  • I can`t reset my password via SMS: At starting when you give a phone number to your account it is linked to your Gmail account. 
  • When ever you face sign in problem you can use this and solve the problem. Google will send an SMS on you phone to reset your account. 
  • I`m having Trouble with 2-step Verification: Sometimes 2-Step verification doesn`t work. So always be careful while you activate it. 
  • See whether you have put all the required option turn on. Only then you can receive SMS through 2-Step Verification. 
  • Another error or problem: There are some problems that are frequently seen when you login your account apart from the regular problems you face. "Bad Request: 

  • Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request" "Oops" (602, 500, 102, 009, 103, …)" "Account Lockdown: Unusual Activity" I'm locked out after using POP or IMAP" "Certificate error" "We're sorry..." (error 403) Other error. For every single problem you will be given different solutions.

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Forgot Gmail Password - Step by Step Process to Recovery Gmail Account Password

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Forgot Gmail Password: Everyone is familiar with Gmail. These days sending mails and communication through mails is increased. People are applying jobs, finding jobs vacancies, communicating with friends through this gmail. Mainly professional wise it is the best way to communicate with unknown persons. When this is so important for you if you forget the password of this will create many problems. It is always safe that you keep your password confidential. Unfortunately if you lost your password then you need to reset it immediately to avoid risks.     

Forgot Gmail Password - Step by Step Process to Recovery Gmail Account Password

When you forget your gmail password you have several ways to reset your password. Using account recovery page, Filling out the password recovery form and using a password recovery program.

1.Using the Account Recovery Page:

  1. In Google Account Recovery page. 
  2. Select "I don't know my password" 
  3. Click "I don't know" or you can enter your last known password 
  4. Choose one recovery option 
  5. Enter the required information 
  6. Create new password

2.Filling Out the Password Recovery Form

  1. Start the password recovery questionnaire 
  2. Enter a valid email address for which you forgot your password 
  3. Try to enter the last time you accessed the Google account you are trying to recover.
  4. Choose the date you created your account 
  5. Answer the security questions which you have set at the time you created your email. 
  6. Enter addresses of your friends that you frequently contacted. 
  7. Select the other Google products you used with the same account. 
  8. Submit the form.

3.Using a Password Recovery Program

  1. Visit the NirSoft website 
  2. Here search for WebBrowserPassView and Download. 
  3. Run the program.
  4. Find the Gmail entries. 
  5. Enter your username and password.
Any of these methods will work for you to reset your password. This is very useful for people who forget the passwords and who left their account without using long back. For them if they can answer some questions asked here in any of the methods can get their account back with the desired passwords.

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Gmail App for Android - Download Gmail for your device Android or iOS

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Gmail App for Android : Gmail is the most used app these days. Applications are making the task easy for everyone. In just a click you can do many things. When android phone are increasing day by day these applications are also increasing. But among all the applications Gmail is one of green apps we can say. And more over many applications are asked to login with your gmail account. So almost everyone who are using these android phones have their account in gmail. 

Gmail App for Android - Download Gmail for your device Android or iOS

There are many options in gmail that are having their specific actions. When comes to App there are some options you need search because interface for PC and android changes a bit. In PC you can find the categories very easily. But in App you cannot find them so easily. You can find the interface very colorful. The basic interface of Gmail is mostly black, white and blue combination. Later it is changed to colorful look which you can see at present. Gmail is used both for profession and personal use. Now in the inbox category we can see Primary, Social and Promotions. This makes the user to navigate to important one first and rest of the things later. Here you can also mark important, read, star. That makes another categories where you see the marked one easily without any confusion as per the label.

Download and Install Gmail App:

  1. Go to playstore with your Gmail ID.
  2. Now search for Gmail.
  3. You will find an app which looks like "M".
  4. Here when you click on it you will find "Install".
  5. Now in the Home Screen or Main Menu you will find the Gmail app installed.
  6. Click on it and Login with you account.
  7. And its done!!! Now you can access your gmail from android phone with just one click.
Having a Gmail account means having many things in your hand. You have many related applications along with this app. Google Drive, Calendar, Google Search Maps, YouTube, Play Store, Google+, Google Translate, Photos etc all these are application that are related with Gmail. You can send and receive photo and videos from your friends and relatives through Gmail. Also you have a video calling facility now this app so that you can make a video call to where ever you want.
There is another exciting feature that is being introduced in Gmail. Google Wallet is the app where you can add money to your gmail account so that you can send it to you friends when ever required. This can be done only if the person you are sending is in US. You can send through your account and phone number.  

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Step by Step Process to Merge Gmail Accounts at

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Gmail Accounts at Gmail.comHaving two or more Email accounts? Getting confused to check mails in each and every account? Dont worry now there is an option for you to merge your mails in single account and check all mails in a single account. But parctically it is not merging your gmail accounts but forwarding all mails to single Email account. You can just forward the incoming mails to main account. So that you can read all your mails in a single account.
These days having one or more gmails accounts has become mandatory to many people. As people are having both personal and professional work on mails they are supposed have separate mails for both. To some extent having two gmails is managable but more than two emails to maintain is horrible. For this there is a simple thing to do on your mail settings is to add secondary email address.

Step by Step Process to Merge Gmail Accounts at

There are some simple steps to forward all mails to single gmail account Below are some steps to merge accounts check them out and do step by step and enjoy all mails in a Single Email account.
  • First open gmail web page and login with your details.
  • Now once you login find Gear icon at top right corner and click on settings.
  • Now in the tabs over there find the tab named as "Forwarding and POP/IMAP".

  • Now click on "Add Forwarding Address" button.
  • Once you click the button you will be asked to put the Gmail address which will act as your main gmail account.

  • Then click next then you be asked to confirm.
  • Now a conformation email is sent to your email address in which you will be sent a link to confirm this email forwarding.
  • Once you confirm the email address you will be sent all emails to the primary email address daily.
Now you create a new filter in your main account so that you can organize your emails properly without any confusion. This can be found in Filters Tab in settings which you will seen when click on Gear icon on top right corner. Once you give the secondary email address then you need to click on "Create Filter with this Search".  There are many options in this filters tab which will make you organize your gmail very planned and comfortable to see your mails.
Once you merge the Gmail accounts you may get confused with the mails in your inbox. So it is always safe to have a filter as a priority immediately after you merge you mails. So that it will be very useful to respond on mails. This may not that important for a personal mail but when comes to professional mail having filter is mandatory. Because clients or always busy and once if they get a wrong mails they will continue that impression on you. So you have both advantages and also disadvantages with mails to merge. Be Careful and use this have good results and less your strain wishing you good luck.