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Create a New Gmail Account for Free at - Step By Step Guide

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Create Gmail Account: Gmail is a web-based email account where all the emails are stored and saved in the Gmail account rather than your computer device. You can access to your email from any device which is having internet connection through out the world. Gmail has become compulsory for the students as well as for faculty where the faculty sends the study materials to the students and the student will download those files from the email and they will read.

Mostly people ask your email id rather than your mobile number, Facebook id.Facebook is the only account where you can save your messages and files safely because Gmail needs username and password which you can only remember because its your Gmail account .there are so many web based mail accounts exist like yahoo, hot mail etc but Gmail provides a lot of space to store the data .gmail is one of the best mail accounts, mostly all are using Gmail as their primary email account because of its amazing features

Create a New Gmail Account for Free at

Follow the steps to Create a New Gmail Account:

Step1: Go to internet browser and type

Step2: It will show the following page if you are already having account sign in. Otherwise click on create an Gmail account

Step3: If you click on create an account you will get this page .in this page you will be asked to fill the details of you like your name and your username.

Step4: After entering your details click on I agree to the terms of services and privacy policy go to

Step5: As soon as you click on next step you will enter into another page where you will be asked to provide your photo to the google account .you can update your photo anytime.

Step 6: After providing your photo click on Next step. Finally your Gmail account will be created and the page will be displayed like this

Features of GMail Account:

  • You can send messages, photos ,files, video clips to your friends
  • You no need to delete your previous messages to make room for new messages
  • Gmail gives 2 gigs of storage space, no other web based email services provide this much place for storage
  • You can save your documents safely
  • Even you can check your email on your smart devices like iPhone/iPad, tab
Now you can send messages, photos, files, videos to your friends .to send the messages first you need to know your friends email id, if you know you can send the emails .you can also create group emails where many people can log in and check emails group emails all members should enter the same username and password to log in.


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