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Step Two Verification for Gmail - Turn on Step 2 Verification Code at www.Gmail.com

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Step Two Verification for Gmail: To keep your account secure you will keep lengthy password but it  is not too tough for the hackers to trace your password. intruders will hack your password if you  use the same password multiple times, to protect your account safe you need to go through the two-step verification method which is available in Gmail account. Gmail is the popular  and best mail account .most of the people use this Gmail account because of the amazing features which other mails don't have .gmail is web based mail account you can use your email from any corner of the world but it should be connected to the internet .users can also the email from their smart mobiles .gmail is the only mail account which provides 2gigs of space to store the data.

Step Two Verification for Gmail - Turn on Step 2 Verification Code at www.Gmail.com


Gmail account has become the most important because you can  save the  data  like files, photos, images ,videos etc. email has more space to store the data when compared to other mails you  need not to delete the old mails to store the new mails these are the few features that made Gmail  popular and  attracted all the users to create account in this email. Storing the data is not sufficient you need to protect your personal data from the intruders. 

Intruders do the following things if they hack your password.if the password is hacked by the hacker he may  delete your  contacts  details and accounthe will send unwanted  mails to your contactshe may use your  banking account and their is a chance of resetting your password of your banking,shopping etchow the intruders hack password: if you use the same password for multiple accounts ,clicking on useless messages, and downloading software from the internet.

To protect the data, you need to use two  verification METHODS in this your data is protected with two layers. where you need to login into your account with your password and the additional verification code is sent to your mobile which you need to enter into that .then only you can access your Gmail.

Follow the Steps to Turn on Step-Two Verification Code:

Steps1: Go to internet browser and go to two-step verification page

Step2: In that page on the right Side click on start setup

Step3: You will enter into another page, again click on start setup

Step4: As you click on start setup you will enter into the 2-Step Verification settings page. see your settings and add backup phone numbers. provide the correct phone number as the verification code comes to your phone number only  next time when you sign in, you will get  a text message with a verification code.

Step5: Verification code will be in the message form or   voice call   you have to choose anyone between those two. click on message if you want to choose verification code as the message

Step6: After receiving the code you enter  the code and you will sign in to your account

Most of the Gmail account holders using this two-step verification code to protect their data and information from intruders.


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