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How to Delete your Google Gmail Account Permanently at

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Delete your Gmail Account:How to Delete Gmail If you dont like your username of your existing gmail account , want to create an new account, or for any reason you want to delete your gmail account then follow this article Most of the people might have created the gmail account for their use,it is useful mostly for sending messages ,files ,video clips ,images etc where ever you go people will be asking your email address rather than your mobile number. Gmail account has many features in the gmail account itself you have google maps,news,google play etc. Some of the people feel difficulty to maintain their gmail account because you need to remember the username and password of your account even if we remember username you may not remember the password for that we can select forgot password we will verification code we will enter .

How to Delete your Google Gmail Account Permanently at

But all this process will irritates you a lot and their is an alternative to this is existence of social media like whats app ,the features which are present in the gmail like sending images ,videos,messages are also present in the whats app so you will think to deactivate or delete your account because of the intruders who might harm your account by sending mails to others or they can take the data .For these reasons  people delete their account ,so don't worry i am here to guide you how to delete your account permanently so please follow the steps

How to Delete your Google Account Permanently at

Step1:login to your account which you are using now
Step2:Click on your email address which is present in the right most corner of the existing page you will get some popup .Press on account 

Step3:After clicking on to account u will be displayed account page where all the information will be displayed go to the delete your account or servicesand click on that. 

Step4:After clicking on delete on your account or services u will be asked to signin again 

Step5:If you sign up with u r account u will be displayed another page 
Step6: In this current page u will be asked again whether you want to delete account or not ,if you really want to delete the account u can click on to the delete account

Step7:Finally your account will be deleted 
Step8: If you are not interested to delete the account click on to" cancel" button If you decide not to use gmail you can delete account by following steps which are shown previously if you delete your account your information which is present in the account like contacts,emails, photos will be deleted but your google account wont be deleted After deleting the account also you can activate your account with in a small amount of time To recover your account : Enter into login page Click on i'm having other problems signing in The next page displays some information to verify your identity and follow some steps to resolve your account You can even delete your gmail account in the smartphones if u don't want gmail app in your mobiles you need to reset your phone to factory setting so u can delete your gmail account.


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