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Forgot Gmail Password - Step by Step Process to Recovery Gmail Account Password

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Forgot Gmail Password: Everyone is familiar with Gmail. These days sending mails and communication through mails is increased. People are applying jobs, finding jobs vacancies, communicating with friends through this gmail. Mainly professional wise it is the best way to communicate with unknown persons. When this is so important for you if you forget the password of this will create many problems. It is always safe that you keep your password confidential. Unfortunately if you lost your password then you need to reset it immediately to avoid risks.     

Forgot Gmail Password - Step by Step Process to Recovery Gmail Account Password

When you forget your gmail password you have several ways to reset your password. Using account recovery page, Filling out the password recovery form and using a password recovery program.

1.Using the Account Recovery Page:

  1. In Google Account Recovery page. 
  2. Select "I don't know my password" 
  3. Click "I don't know" or you can enter your last known password 
  4. Choose one recovery option 
  5. Enter the required information 
  6. Create new password

2.Filling Out the Password Recovery Form

  1. Start the password recovery questionnaire 
  2. Enter a valid email address for which you forgot your password 
  3. Try to enter the last time you accessed the Google account you are trying to recover.
  4. Choose the date you created your account 
  5. Answer the security questions which you have set at the time you created your email. 
  6. Enter addresses of your friends that you frequently contacted. 
  7. Select the other Google products you used with the same account. 
  8. Submit the form.

3.Using a Password Recovery Program

  1. Visit the NirSoft website 
  2. Here search for WebBrowserPassView and Download. 
  3. Run the program.
  4. Find the Gmail entries. 
  5. Enter your username and password.
Any of these methods will work for you to reset your password. This is very useful for people who forget the passwords and who left their account without using long back. For them if they can answer some questions asked here in any of the methods can get their account back with the desired passwords.

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