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Step by Step Process to Merge Gmail Accounts at

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Gmail Accounts at Gmail.comHaving two or more Email accounts? Getting confused to check mails in each and every account? Dont worry now there is an option for you to merge your mails in single account and check all mails in a single account. But parctically it is not merging your gmail accounts but forwarding all mails to single Email account. You can just forward the incoming mails to main account. So that you can read all your mails in a single account.
These days having one or more gmails accounts has become mandatory to many people. As people are having both personal and professional work on mails they are supposed have separate mails for both. To some extent having two gmails is managable but more than two emails to maintain is horrible. For this there is a simple thing to do on your mail settings is to add secondary email address.

Step by Step Process to Merge Gmail Accounts at

There are some simple steps to forward all mails to single gmail account Below are some steps to merge accounts check them out and do step by step and enjoy all mails in a Single Email account.
  • First open gmail web page and login with your details.
  • Now once you login find Gear icon at top right corner and click on settings.
  • Now in the tabs over there find the tab named as "Forwarding and POP/IMAP".

  • Now click on "Add Forwarding Address" button.
  • Once you click the button you will be asked to put the Gmail address which will act as your main gmail account.

  • Then click next then you be asked to confirm.
  • Now a conformation email is sent to your email address in which you will be sent a link to confirm this email forwarding.
  • Once you confirm the email address you will be sent all emails to the primary email address daily.
Now you create a new filter in your main account so that you can organize your emails properly without any confusion. This can be found in Filters Tab in settings which you will seen when click on Gear icon on top right corner. Once you give the secondary email address then you need to click on "Create Filter with this Search".  There are many options in this filters tab which will make you organize your gmail very planned and comfortable to see your mails.
Once you merge the Gmail accounts you may get confused with the mails in your inbox. So it is always safe to have a filter as a priority immediately after you merge you mails. So that it will be very useful to respond on mails. This may not that important for a personal mail but when comes to professional mail having filter is mandatory. Because clients or always busy and once if they get a wrong mails they will continue that impression on you. So you have both advantages and also disadvantages with mails to merge. Be Careful and use this have good results and less your strain wishing you good luck.


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