Thursday, 17 March 2016

Gmail App for Android - Download Gmail for your device Android or iOS

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Gmail App for Android : Gmail is the most used app these days. Applications are making the task easy for everyone. In just a click you can do many things. When android phone are increasing day by day these applications are also increasing. But among all the applications Gmail is one of green apps we can say. And more over many applications are asked to login with your gmail account. So almost everyone who are using these android phones have their account in gmail. 

Gmail App for Android - Download Gmail for your device Android or iOS

There are many options in gmail that are having their specific actions. When comes to App there are some options you need search because interface for PC and android changes a bit. In PC you can find the categories very easily. But in App you cannot find them so easily. You can find the interface very colorful. The basic interface of Gmail is mostly black, white and blue combination. Later it is changed to colorful look which you can see at present. Gmail is used both for profession and personal use. Now in the inbox category we can see Primary, Social and Promotions. This makes the user to navigate to important one first and rest of the things later. Here you can also mark important, read, star. That makes another categories where you see the marked one easily without any confusion as per the label.

Download and Install Gmail App:

  1. Go to playstore with your Gmail ID.
  2. Now search for Gmail.
  3. You will find an app which looks like "M".
  4. Here when you click on it you will find "Install".
  5. Now in the Home Screen or Main Menu you will find the Gmail app installed.
  6. Click on it and Login with you account.
  7. And its done!!! Now you can access your gmail from android phone with just one click.
Having a Gmail account means having many things in your hand. You have many related applications along with this app. Google Drive, Calendar, Google Search Maps, YouTube, Play Store, Google+, Google Translate, Photos etc all these are application that are related with Gmail. You can send and receive photo and videos from your friends and relatives through Gmail. Also you have a video calling facility now this app so that you can make a video call to where ever you want.
There is another exciting feature that is being introduced in Gmail. Google Wallet is the app where you can add money to your gmail account so that you can send it to you friends when ever required. This can be done only if the person you are sending is in US. You can send through your account and phone number.  


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